Hi all,

I am waiting on the file with the complete results from Saturday's racing sorry, but here are the final placings for the series to keep you going!

A Grade

1st - Dan Waluszewski

2nd - Steve Bale

3rd - Vaughn Pretorious

B Grade

1st - Steve O'Keefe

2nd - Mark Coburn

3rd - Toby Fuller

C Grade

1st - Rick Parker

2nd equal - Josh Turnbull & Lee Pownall

D Grade

1st - Stanley Riddle

2nd - Joe Clarkson

3rd - Martin Crundwell


1st - Elite Lollipops


Congratulations to all, and thank you very much for your support of our Winter Series. We were lucky to get 4 out of 4 days of scheduled racing

See you next year