Winter Racing on the beautiful Kapiti Coast - what more could you want?

This year we see a few changes.  1st - racing will move to Saturday afternoon.  2nd Our timing system will be used.  3rd There will be a team points system for those that want to form teams, alongside the individual points each week.

There will be cash prizes to the top 3 individuals in each grade and the top 3 teams

Racing is graded by ability - so you will be racing against the people you start with only.  

Individual Points for the Series

  • o  Everyone who starts the race will be given a point.  There will be bonus points awarded for 1st - 10th in each grade.   Points carry over from race to race.  
  • o  Top 10 Bonus Points: 1st - 15pts, 2nd - 13 pts, 3rd - 11pts, 4th - 9pts, 5th - 7pts, 6th - 6pts, 7th - 5pts, 8th - 4pts, 9th - 3pts, 10th - 2pts.  
  • o  Everyone after 10th will receive another 1 point for starting the race.

Team points for the series

  • o  Teams of five riders.
  • o  Riders DO NOT have to be in the same grade.
  • o  The top four from your team will contribute points each week. (This allows for not everyone being able to make it each week)
  • o  The points are the same as the individual points and are banked in your team's tally each week. 
  • o  As an example: you may have a rider race one week and score 7 points. They contribute to your team tally for that week - even if they don't come to any other race.

Riders from Kapiti can receive marshalling points as well (once) - with marshalling points equivalent to coming 5th in your grade.

You don't have to be at each race, but clearly the more you enter the better chance you have of winning.  If you aren't sure which grade you should go in seek out the advice of our race manager who should be able to assist you. 

Please bring your timing tags to registration if you have them so we can get you registered in the correct grade.  If you don't have a tag they can be purchased on the day for a once-only fee of $15 (they are yours to keep and will work at any timed races in the region).  There will be limited loan tags available for those guests who are new to club racing and just want to give racing a try.  


  • If you pre-register:
    • o  $5 for Kapiti members.
    • o  $10 for non Kapiti members. 
  • If you register on the day
    • o  $10 for Kapiti members.
    • o  $15 for non Kapiti members.

Our insurance with Bike NZ means that  NEW people can race three times without holding a racing licence but must then purchase a race licence. You can do this by joining a BikeNZ affiliated club (which we are) and selecting the appropriate licence.  If you've raced with us before (i.e. you aren't new to racing) then you must have a licence, either with us or another club. If you want to join us it's a simple process; click HERE for more details.  We'd love to welcome you on board.


Pre-register HERE . Pay for pre-registrations on the day of racing.

It would greatly assist if people could get to the start with plenty of time as we will need people to check their tags in. Bring them to registration - pay your entry - then run your tag over the reader to confirm you are registered in the correct group and you’re good to go.  At the first race a couple of years ago we had 100 starters and were caught out getting everyone registered, so please get there with plenty of time to spare.

The dates are:

  1. o  15th July (Winter Series Race 1) Pre-register HERE
  2. o  22nd July (Winter Series Race 2) 
  3. o  29th July (Winter Series Race 3)
  4. o  5th August (Winter Series Race 4)


  • o  A Grade 60km (3 laps of 20km circuit)
  • o  B Grade 60km (3 laps of 20km circuit)
  • o  C Grade 40km (2 laps of 20km circuit)
  • o  D Grade 40km (2 laps of 20km circuit)
  • o  E Grade 20km (perfect grade for new people to have a go at racing -  (1 lap of 20km circuit))


  • o  Inside the Te Horo Hall on School Road, Te Horo.   There are toilets and a kitchen in the hall and tea and coffee are available for supporters and riders during and after the racing (help yourself). 
  • o  Registration will open at 12noon

Racing starts at 1pm    

See below for a map of the circuit. 

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